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How to use Candle-lite wax melts?
A handful of tips on the use of Candle-lite fragrance wax melts. In our short guide, you will learn what fragrance wax melts are and how to use them. We will also tell you about the most popular methods of cleaning a fragrance wax burner and why you should choose Candle-lite fragrance wax melts.
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Candle-lite is available in Poland!
Candle-lite brand specialized in premium scented candles is now available in Poland. Find out more about the newest Candle-lite candle collections and fragrance lines. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Candle-lite - natural scented candles made in US

Candles have accompanied people since the dawn of time. Once upon a time, candles were the only source of light, giving hope during the long nights and winter months. Today, candles are more than just a beautiful glow - they are a unique decoration of our houses and apartments, and thanks to modern scented candles, they are also an extraordinary sensual experience. We choose scented candles to our taste, mood and season. We want the soothing glow and the beautiful scent of a scented candle to envelop us when we return to our home, which will help us relax after a hard day. We often give scented candles to our loved ones, wanting to share their best moments with them.

Lighting up American hearts and homes since 1840!

Candle-lite scented candles are a unique tradition - the brand was founded in the USA in 1840 and since then it has consistently maintained the highest quality of its products. Despite the changes in the world, the brand has remained in solidarity with the local Ohio community and strongly supports it. Candle-lite scented candles are wonderful, natural fragrances and renewable raw materials - vegetable waxes. Each scent of the Candle-lite scented candle will take you to a special place and bring back the best memories and help create new ones. Natural Candle-lite scented candles are also made with the addition of essential oils, thanks to which they are perfect for aromatherapy. You can choose from a wide range of scented soybean candles that burn clean, even and efficiently.

Soy and CBD scented candles

The Candle-lite Company brand is not only premium scented candles, but also aromatic fragrance waxes and other ways to provide a unique atmosphere in the interior. Unique interior fragrances in the form of scent sticks Scent Sticks made of recycled paper and unique Scent Bursts, i.e. scented papers for use in electric fireplaces, are not only a return to nature, but also an addition of pure essential oils. The Candle-lite Company collection is complemented by a wide selection of fragrance accessories - from scented wax fireplaces, salt lamps, aromatherapy lamps to candle caps and wick trimmers. New addition is CBD candles.

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