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Candle-lite is available in Poland!

Candle-lite is available in Poland!

Welcome to Candle-lite world!

On September 1, 2017, the premiere of the Candle-lite brand took place in Poland. This unique brand of scented candles from the premium segment has been created since 1840 in the USA, Ohio. From the beginning of the brand's existence, the highest quality and safety standards as well as social responsibility have been the basis for creating each Candle-lite scented candle. It was the Candle-lite brand that created the current standards in the candle industry.

Discover our wide range of authentic fragrances. From classic compositions to seasonal fragrances and in line with the latest trends, Candle-lite scented candles are a unique fragrance experience. Highlight the uniqueness of your home and your personality with a unique, subtle aroma. You can choose the perfect fragrance for every room: reduce the stresses of everyday life thanks to a home SPA in your own bathroom, immerse yourself in a cozy aroma in your own living room and enjoy a moment of peace in the daily bustle. Natural raw materials and essential oils are the perfect combination that characterizes our top-quality products.

Candles are now more than just a source of light - in combination with fragrances, they will make you feel better and become an indispensable part of your new, happy lifestyle.

Candle-lite quality

Authentic and original fragrance compositions

  • High-quality natural plant waxes, including soy wax
  • Top-quality wicks made of 100% cotton, no added lead, zinc, etc.
  • The best authentic and original fragrance and essential oils (Candle-lite SafeCore ™ Technology and Tripod Wock Clip ™)
  • Sustainable development and focus on saving resources and support for the local community
  • A wide range, colors and fragrances for every customer

Four main fragrance type from Candle-lite

  • Fresh fragrances are reminiscent of fresh laundry, a slight breeze or natural herbal essences. Some fresh fragrances have wood notes added to it, giving it a fresh and clean feeling.
  • Fruity fragrances evoke beautiful memories. Some are reminiscent of sun-ripening fruit and tropical drinks, others are delicious berries or wonderfully refreshing citrus fruits to remember the hot summer.
  • Floral fragrances are the essence of a blooming garden. From delicate, floral aromas to lush floral bouquets, fragrances are a miracle of nature always for you.
  • Sweet and spicy fragrances are rich in the best ingredients. Summon delicious cakes and sweet desserts to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your interior. Mysterious spices will seduce your senses and warm you up.

We offer fragrances from each of the above-mentioned groups. Fragrances are often blends of particular groups. Each collection of Candle-lite scented candles has a unique, specially composed fragrance compositions that will meet the expectations of every customer. Of course, every year as part of the collection, new limited editions of autumn, winter, etc. fragrances are created. Below you will find general information about our scented candle collections. Candle-lite collections are color, perfect form and the latest trends that perfectly match the changing seasons.

Scented Candle-lite Everyday candles

The Candle-lite brand creates the highest quality fragrance products at attractive prices. The Everyday collection is aimed at all candle lovers and offers a wide selection of fragrances in the most popular colors and forms. Everyday collection by Candle-lite is a tempting fragrance in your home. Large arrangement photos will help customers feel the atmosphere of the fragrance and bring back memories. The collection includes scented candles in three sizes and a wide range of fragrances. The collection is complemented by intensely flavored fragrance waxes in the form of practical cubes.

Świece zapachowe Candle-lite

Scented candles Candle-lite collection Essential Elements

The Essential Elements collection is a unique collection inspired by the gifts of nature closed in classic packaging. A natural lifestyle is wanted by customers. Provide your customers with a unique experience today thanks to natural scented candles with 100% essential oils.

Classic form and rich, creamy wax make the scented candles from the Essential Elements collection perfect for any interior. You can choose from a variety of candles in glass and the increasingly popular scented waxes. The blend of soy wax (a renewable source!) Is created to ensure the best burning of the candle. The wicks used are 100% cotton, with no added lead. The Essential Elements collection is perfect for any season. Candle-lite candles are made in the USA and are also a wonderful gift.

Kolekcja Essential Elements od Candle-lite

3-Layer jars candles

The 3-Layer Jars collection by Candle-lite consists of three perfectly matching fragrances. Each layer of fragrance and color is mixed with the next, giving customers the opportunity to learn about three favorite fragrances from a given range. The fragrances complement each other beautifully, giving a unique experience. The most popular types of fragrances - food, fruity, floral and fresh can be found in this collection.

Kolekcja 3-Layer od Candle-lite

Willow Lane soy candles collection

A collection of premium scented candles made of natural plant waxes. This collection is a unique fragrance and color combination proudly created in the United States. Popular fragrances in the USA now also available in Poland!

Kolekcja Willow Lane od Candle-lite

Revere House scented candles in large jars™

A classic collection based on the traditions of the best American craftsmen. Choose from inspiring colors and fragrances closed in classic jars with original, mottled wax.

Kolekcja Revere House od Candle-lite

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