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How to use Candle-lite wax melts?

How to use Candle-lite wax melts?

What is wax melt and how to use?

Fragrance wax melts are condensed cubes of wax full of fragrance. How to use scented wax melts? It's very simple! We dissolve the aromatic wax melt in wax burner designed for this purpose. We can choose between traditional tealight wax burner and electric wax burners. Aromatic oils in wax melt spread through the room under the influence of heat and give off an intense fragrance.

How much wax melts should I put in a wax burner?

Depending on the desired intensity of the fragrance and the size of the room, it is recommended to place one to two blocks of wax in the fireplace. The fragrance release time depends on the environmental conditions and ranges from ~ 8 to ~ 12 hours for one bar.

What are wax melts advantages?

First of all - very easy and quick fragrance replacement. Fragrance wax melts are easy to remove from a wax burner and you can quickly dissolve the new fragrance. Candle-lite scented wax melts are made in the form of practical cubes for easy using. Each wax melts box has a practical, closed package with a clear label. Thanks to this, you can easily and safely store your collection and you will be able to easily find an interesting fragrance in just a few seconds. The third advantage of using fragrance wax melts is great value. The fragrance release time is very long in relation to the price of the wax so it is budget-friendly solution. You can also use wax melts to try out different fragrances and then go ahead and purchase a large scented candle of your choice. There is another advantage of scented wax melts - they will never evaporate from wax burner! If you have used oils mixed with water so far, you may have not refilled the water on time. There is no problem here, the wax will always remain in the burner.

How to clean wax burner from wax melts remains?

In order to easily clean the wax burner from wax residues, we recommend melting it for a while and then removing it, e.g. with a paper towel. You can also lightly wipe the burner after removing the wax to neutralize any residual smell before changing fragrance. Another way to quickly remove fragrance wax from your wax burner is to put it in the freezer for a while. The wax can then be removed very easily. Remember, however, that not all types of wax burner are suitable for placing in the freezer.

Why are Candle-lite scented wax melts worth trying?

Our fragrance wax melts are specially formulated to easy cleaning. They are very intense and quickly give a beautiful fragrance to the room. If you choose fragrance wax melts from the Essential Elements collection, you will get the added benefit of aromatherapy thanks to the 100% natural essential oils contained in them.

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